Coaching Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship: the American Dream

Through JWPCS, I serve entrepreneurs in a variety of industries who value a comprehensive review of their business & personal finances.

Typically, the entrepreneur hires an array of specialists for finance & business advice: an attorney, investment advisor, accountant, insurance broker and other subject matter experts. These professionals check in once or twice per year, and services are provided transactionally.

The weakness of this approach lies in its fragmentation:

Who, other than the entrepreneur, is looking out for the Big Picture, meaning the long term health of the business and its related impact on your household finances?

The Approach

I work closely with you to understand your long term goals, analyze your finances and evaluate the challenges facing your business.  This includes a review of company operations, strategic growth plans, tax returns, investment accounts, company financial statements, household budgets, insurance policies, significant contracts and other materials.

The result is a comprehensive report identifying areas for improvement and providing a roadmap for making changes. I do this work in complete confidence, serving as your trusted partner.

Typically, changes are identified that reduce costs or enhance revenues by thousands of dollars per year, a multiple of project fees.  The issues are clear, but usually the entrepreneur is simply too busy operating the business to identify and address the problems.

Sometimes, it just takes an independent, fresh perspective to identify these opportunities and make the required changes.