The Strategy Audit

A comprehensive review of your small business to enhance performance and achieve your goals.

The Approach

  • Framing Session:  We sit down together and talk about your business and future goals, using questions provided to you in advance to structure our conversation.  I provide you with a request list of key documentation and materials to aid the review.

  • Strategic Review: I review & analyze your financial statements, business plans, tax returns, significant contracts, growth strategies and other key information to evaluate operating performance, risks, challenges & opportunities.

  • Recommendations:  You receive an executive summary-style report with detailed recommendations, which we discuss, review & refine together.

  • Goal Setting:  We formally set strategic goals and establish initial plans to execute recommendations.

The Strategy Audit is based on a fixed fee plus optional ongoing coaching, in which we continue with periodic sessions to ensure you stay on track to achieve the goals we have established for your business.

Click here to download a PDF file for the  JWPCS Strategy Audit